Just Call Me Nobody

Just Call Me Nobody

Poor young cobbler Wu Di resides with his mum and so is mad about movie novels. 1 afternoon he helps rescue her into a fight with wanted criminal Tian Baguang, although he has no martial-arts training and later repairs of drifting swords-woman Yuelou the shoe. She tells him she owes him a lifetime and can be located on Qin Mountain if he needs her. Yuelou is actually a princess who was expected to marry the emperor but ran away after putting fire into her palace quarters. Inlove, Wu Di lays out to get , also fulfilling with a hermit Buddhist monk who offers to take him as a pupil, and fighting his side kick on the way and river pirate Dugu. Yuelou intends to wait a martial arts tournament to ascertain her identify, little knowing that the emperor's chief eunuch Cheng has arranged for her to be secretly protected by Penal Bureau officer Yang Guo also to acquire the tournament, so the emperor will award her the prize and persuade her to accept union.
Release: 2010-12-03
Genres: Comedy
Duration: 119 min
Country: Taiwan, China

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